Today in the city Rock Falls 25.09.2017
Look inside the tunnels ISIS uses to launch sneak attacks in Raqqa

The Kurdish YPG, a contingent of the US-backed forces fighting ISIS in Syria, released a video on Tuesday showing the underground tunnels that ISIS digs to launch sneak attacks.  The video shows two r...

How AOL plans to reach 2 billion users by 2020

It's impossible to be involved in media without being aware of competition from Facebook and Google. And while some companies try to mimic their approaches and business models, others try to stand out...

Russia plans to build 100 of its next generation Armata tank

The Russian deputy defense minister said last week at a military technical forum that Moscow plans to build 100 T-14 Armata battle tanks. "The designed models are currently undergoing operation testin...

Chris Sale Becomes Fastest Player to Reach 1,500 Career Strikeouts

Fact: Chris Sale had 11 strikeouts against the Blue Jays on Tuesday, becoming the fastest player to reach 1,500 career strikeouts (1,290 innings pitched).  Bleacher Report will be bringing sport...

Residents near Texas chemical plant evacuated over rising risk of an explosion

All residents within 1.5 miles of a chemical plant in southeast Texas were evacuated on Tuesday because of the rising risk of an explosion.

Post-Harvey dangers include 'cancer risk' from flaring refineries

As Tropical Storm Harvey continues into Louisiana on Wednesday, the hurricane-battered refineries in its wake are leaving residents of the Texas coast to cope with more than two million pounds of dang...

News Brief: Houston Update, Trump And Russia

We have the latest on the crisis in Houston caused by flooding. Also, President Trump has visited Texas, and we have the latest on the Russia investigation.

New Developments In Russia Investigation

Other news has taken the spotlight, but there have been many developments over the summer in the Russia investigation, including revelations from emails and subpoenas from Robert Mueller.

How Can a Cat Survive a High-Rise Fall? Physics!

Cats falling from super-high heights have a greater chance of survival than low-rise falls. That depends on two things: air resistance and apparent weight.

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